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Getting Started

Setting up your Jobsoid account in just 4 easy steps.

Job Postings

Managing your job postings, advertising on job boards and social networks, etc.

Candidate Management

Managing candidate applications, sourcing candidates from various channels, etc.

Hiring Workflow

Assigning hiring managers to your jobs, customizing your recruitment pipeline, etc.


Assigning tasks to your team, adding comments on candidate profiles, etc.


Sending emails and text messages, setting up message templates, etc.


Managing your clients, recruiters, external decision makers, etc.

Campaign Management

Creating recruitment marketing campaigns, adding leads and candidates to campaigns, etc.


Scheduling interviews for candidates, creating video interviews, etc.


Linking your website careers page, installing Facebook Careers Tab, etc.

Account Settings

Getting your account ready for recruitment tasks

Billing & Subscriptions

Subscribing to a plan, downloading invoices, upgrading or downgrading your subscription, etc.