Creating a Campaign

Learn how to create a campaign for recruitment marketing.

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Reach out to your active as well as passive candidates seamlessly with the help of campaigns. You can create a campaign for sourcing impressive candidates or a message about the job vacancies or simply, your company newsletter.

Create a campaign

1. Click on Campaigns on the top navigation bar

2. Click on (+) New button. A dialog box asking you to enter a name for your campaign will open up before you

3. Give a desired name for your campaign and click on Let’s Begin button. This will take you to Create Campaign form

4. Choose the audience for your campaign. You can either select the entire leads list or candidate list or both at the same time. You can also manually select the leads and the candidates

5. Click on the Next button once you are done adding the desired audience to your Recipients list. This will take you to Step 2, i.e., Add Content. Enter the subject of your message in the subject text box

6. Enter your email message in the given text area with the help of our rich text editor. You may also use the predefined email templates

7. Click on the Next button to move to Step 3. Preview. You can preview your messages before sending them out

8. Click on Send Now button to send out your emails to the targeted audience

9. You can also choose to send out your message at a specific time. Click on Schedule button to do so. This will open Schedule Campaign window

10. Select the desired date and time and click on Schedule button. Your messages will be sent out at that specified time

You can pause your campaign creation process at any point in time. To do so click on Finish Later, right next to the Next/Send button depending on the status of your campaign. Your campaign will be saved as a draft.

Edit a campaign

1. Click on the desired campaign name on the Campaign List page. This will take you to Campaign Details page

2. Click on the Edit button on the action bar

3. Make the necessary changes. You can choose to send out the emails to your targeted audience or save it in drafts, as per your requirements.

Note that you cannot edit a campaign once it is scheduled and completed.

Delete a campaign

1. Click on the desired campaign from the list of Campaigns. This will take you to Campaign Details page

2. Click on Delete button on the action bar. A message box asking the delete confirmation will be shown to you

3. To confirm, click on Delete button.

The campaign will be removed from the list of campaigns.

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