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Subscribing to a Monthly Subscription Plan
Subscribing to a Monthly Subscription Plan

Learn how to subscribe to Jobsoid's Monthly Subscription Plan

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Jobsoid is a Subscription based service that provides access based on your Active Subscription Plan. When you register for a Jobsoid account, you get offered 14 days TRIAL PLAN. On the expiry of the trial period, your account will automatically be migrated to a Free plan. To understand more about our pricing plans, refer to the following page

Subscribing to a Jobsoid plan is a secure process which can be completed using a Credit or Debit Card in just a few seconds. Everything is automated. You do not need to call us to process your payment or ever give out your credit card information to any of our support executives.

Signing up for a Subscription Plan

1. In Settings, click on Plans and Pricing under Upgrade category. You will see a screen showing your active subscriptions and other available plans

2. Select a Plan which suits your organizations hiring needs the best and click Subscribe

3. This will take you to the Subscription Checkout Page. If you wish to change your subscription plan, you can click on Change Plan button

4. Enter your Billing Details. You will need to enter your Company Name, Email Address, and Billing Address. Then click on Continue to Card Details button 

5. Enter your card details and click on Make Payment button

6. Your card will be charged as per the plan selected. In case there was an error processing your card, you will see the error message. Kindly correct the card details and try again. If the problem persists, contact Jobsoid support.

Unless you have chosen an Annual Subscription Plan, your Credit card will be billed every month until you cancel your subscription manually.

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