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Facebook Careers Tab Integration
Facebook Careers Tab Integration

Learn how to install careers tab on your Facebook page.

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Jobsoid posts your job openings on your Facebook page automatically.

Add a Careers tab on your Company Facebook Page to integrate it with your Jobsoid account. All your active job openings in Jobsoid will be automatically displayed in the Careers tab on your Facebook page.

The candidates will be able to view all your active jobs and apply directly from your Facebook page.

To install the Careers Tab,

1. Go to the Tools section on Settings page

2. Click on Integrations. Now click on Facebook Tab

3. Click on Install Tab button. This will open Facebook in a new browser tab and will let you log in to Facebook using your username and password

4. Once you login to your account, you will be taken to Add Page Tab. You will be able to select the pages to which you want to add the Careers tab

5. Select the pages from the Facebook Pages drop-down. If you do not have any pages, you will need to create one on Facebook. Note that you will be able to see only those pages to which you are assigned the admin role

6. Now Click on Add Page Tab button. This will directly take you to the Facebook Page you selected in the previous step

7. You should see a Careers Tab added to this page. This Tab will automatically display a list of Job openings published from your Jobsoid account

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