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Adding Review Criteria for Candidate Evaluation
Adding Review Criteria for Candidate Evaluation

Learn how to create and manage review criteria for evaluating your candidates.

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With Jobsoid, you can rate your candidate profiles on certain criteria. You can also ask your team members to rate the candidate and present their views about the candidates.

You can customize the review criteria according to your current hiring process. You can set the review category and criteria beforehand and use the ones that are required at the time of creating the job opening.

This feature allows you to see what your team members feel about a particular candidate in one dedicated place, i.e., the Scorecard. You can view their ratings and their comments while going through the reviews.

Adding Review Criteria

Review criteria is a condition by which you rate your candidates. You can add multiple review criteria to your list.

1. Go to Customize in the Settings section

2. Click on Review Criteria

3. Click on Create New Criteria

4. Enter the name of your criteria in the Name text box. You can allocate these criteria to any category or choose to keep it uncategorized

5. Choose the desired category from the drop-down in the Category drop-down

6. Click on Save button and save the review criteria

Adding Review Category

Jobsoid also allows you to group the Review Criteria so that you can add the criteria to the job opening with ease.

1. Go to Customize in the Settings section

2. Click on Review Criteria

3. Click on Create New Category button

4. In the Create New Category form, enter the Category name in Name text box

5. Click on Save button. The review category that you have created will be shown in the list

6. You can create multiple categories at a time

You can edit and delete the review category when required by clicking on the Edit and Delete icons next to the category name in the Review Category window.

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