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Reference Check in Jobsoid
Reference Check in Jobsoid

Learn how to conduct reference checks for your candidates.

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Jobsoid allows you to share candidate information to verify references over email. You can confirm candidate details and also capture feedback from references.

To send a reference check email,

1. Click on Candidates on the top navigation bar

2. Click on the desired Candidate Name. This will take you to the Candidate Profile page

3. Scroll down to the References section

4. Click on the Envelope icon present to the right-hand side of Reference Name

5. A message box asking you to confirm reference verification will be shown. Click OK to confirm

6. An email will be automatically sent to the concerned References on the mentioned email address

A verification email containing the link to Candidate Details page will be shared with the references. They will also be able to rate the candidates on the defined criteria and share their feedback in the form of a comment.

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