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Managing your Locations
Managing your Locations

Learn how to create and manage the locations you would be hiring candidates for.

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Whether you are hiring for a position at your office or positions in your branch offices (or for a position at your client’s location, if you are a staffing agency), stating the location at the time of creating a job opening is an easy task with Jobsoid.

The location not only helps your candidates in finding your office easily but is also required when you are posting the jobs on the job boards. Once you enter the details of your office location, it is automatically tracked on the Google map. The candidate coming in for the interview does not face difficulties in locating your address with the help of these maps.

To create a location,

1. Go to Customize section on the Settings page. Click on Job Openings

2. Click on Locations tab

3. Click on Create New Location button. This will open Add New Location form right under the button

4. Enter a name for the location in the Name text box

5. Enter the address of your location in the Address text box. A drop-down list suggesting you the address will be shown. If the suggestion matches with your desired address, you can choose it by clicking on this. This will auto-populate the other fields - city, state, country, and postcode

6. As you fill in all the details, the location will be shown on the Google map

7. Click on Save button to save the location just created by you

Jobsoid allows you to edit and delete these saved locations whenever you wish to. Click on the Edit and Delete icon beside the Location name and do the required changes.

Note: You can also enter the name of the City, State, Country and Postcode manually.

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