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Managing Notifications and Frequency
Managing Notifications and Frequency

Learn how to manage the way you receive notifications from Jobsoid.

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Your email client usually gets flooded with lots of notification emails when you are actively hiring for your company. It becomes difficult to manage these emails. Now choose to combine and receive these notifications as a single email scheduled as per your preference.

To set these notifications, 

  1. Go to Preferences section on the Settings page  

  2. Click on Notifications. A list of notifications along with the toggle switches will be shown to you  

  3. Set the required toggle switch to ON    

  4. Click on the Edit icon next to the notification in the list 

5. This will open Edit Notifications Settings section

6. Choose the desired option from the list of available options

  • As it occurs (default) - You will receive an email notification every time the said activity is carried out in your Jobsoid account.

  • Once a day - You will receive an email notification once in a day. You can          choose a time so that these notification emails are delivered to you.

  • Once a week - You will receive an email notification once in a week. You can      choose a time and a day so as to receive these notification emails.

  • Once a month - You will receive an email notification once in a month. You can choose a time and date so that these notification emails.

7. Click on Save Rule button and save it

You can set a different rule for every notification type. 



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