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Candidate search and filtering

Learn how to search and filter desired candidates from a list of candidate profiles.

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Finding the desired candidate profile from among hundreds of candidate applications can be a tedious task. Jobsoid simplifies this task for you with the help of filters.

Click on Candidates on the top navigation bar. This will open the Candidate List page

The left side of the screen is the Filters Panel that will show you the various filters present in Jobsoid.

You can enter the desired candidate name in the search box and find the candidate profile quickly. Jobsoid will also auto-suggest a few candidate names as you begin to type the desired candidate name.

You can also filter the candidates by the jobs they have applied for, their status in the recruitment pipeline, the average review rating they have received, the source through which they have sent in their applications and the tags that are added on the profiles.

Jobsoid also allows you to filter your candidates on the basis of the custom attributes you add on your candidate application form. Please note that only those custom attributes that belong to certain field types (Confirm, Single Line, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice Checkbox, Number, Date and Date & Time) are filterable.

In addition to this, you can also save the various criteria you filter your candidates together as 'Saved Filters' in your account.

You can also filter your candidates on the Candidates tab on your Job Details page. You will find Candidates assigned to different stages in the recruitment pipeline. In the same section, refer the Left panel and narrow down the candidate search by Rating, Source, Location, and Education. 

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