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How to upload documents on a candidate profile?
How to upload documents on a candidate profile?

Learn how to upload documents on a candidate profile and save them on the cloud.

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Save the candidate resume and other documents directly on the candidate profile rather than saving them in a folder on your computer system. Jobsoid allows you to save these documents as attachments on the candidate profile.

There are two ways to save the documents in Jobsoid.

From the Attachments Section:

1. Click on the desired candidate on the Candidate list page. This will open his Jobsoid profile

2. Go to the Attachments section

3. Click on (+) Add to upload documents on the profile

4. Select the document and click on Open button. Note that you can upload only one document at a time

The uploaded document will be shown on the candidate profile in the attachments section.

From the email received from the candidate:

1. Go to the Recent Activity section on the candidate profile

2. To view the entire email that you have received, click on Show more icon. The email message along with the email attachments will be shown to you

3. Hover your mouse cursor over the attached document. This will show you two icons - Download Attachments and Add to Candidate Attachment respectively. Download Attachment will download the attachment and save it on your computer system while Add to Candidate Attachment will add this document to the candidate profile

4. Click on Add to Candidate Attachment icon. The uploaded file will be displayed in the Attachments section of the Candidate profile

You can set the attached document as a resume for that particular candidate profile. You can also preview, download and delete it as and when required. Click on the drop down beside the file name to do so.

Jobsoid also allows you to set access permissions for these attachments. You can do it by clicking on the lock icon against the file name.

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