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What are favorite candidates?
What are favorite candidates?

Learn how to add candidate profiles as your favorites.

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Shortlisting candidates from a huge number of candidate applications gets cumbersome when you are hiring for multiple positions.

Jobsoid allows you to quickly label a candidate as your Favorite, giving you quick access to your shortlisted candidates when you need them.You can view the list of all your favorite candidates in the Favorites tab on the Candidate list page.

How to Favorite a Candidate on Profile Page 

1. Click on Candidates on the top navigation bar. You will find a list of Candidate Profiles on the Candidate page 

2. Click on the desired Candidate Name which will show you his details page

3. Click on the Favorite button on the Action bar which is present on the left-hand side of the screen, just below the Candidate Name   

How to Favorite a Candidate on List Page

1. You can also mark a Candidate as Favorite directly from the Candidate list page 

2. Click on the heart-shaped icon against the name of the Candidate 

3. The Candidate will be added on to your Favorites list

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