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Customizing the Recruitment Pipeline
Customizing the Recruitment Pipeline

Learn how to customize your recruitment pipeline in a way that it matches your current hiring process.

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Recruitment processes differ from one organization to another. With Jobsoid, you can define your custom recruitment pipeline to suit your needs. You can add new stages, modify the existing ones or simply delete them.

Understanding your Recruitment Pipeline

The default recruitment pipeline provided in your Jobsoid account will have the following stages - New, Screen, Interview, Offer, Hire, On Hold, Reject & Withdraw. You can customize the pipeline by changing the names of stages or adding new stages to the pipeline.

In addition to moving candidates across various stages and tracking candidates across these recruitment stages, the pipeline can also be used to:

Automate sending Emails & SMS to candidates

  • Auto-responder messages to candidates applying to your Jobs

  • Engagement messages to candidates when moved to a particular stage

Assign Tasks to your Team members when

  • New candidates apply to your Jobs

  • Candidates are moved to a particular stage

Add tags on candidates

Assign an owner to candidates

Automate questionnaire sending process

  • Textual questionnaires

  • Video screening tests

To simplify the process, Jobsoid allows adding of stages of type Screen, Interview and Offer to the pipeline. This can, however, be customized by contacting our support helpdesk.

Adding a New Pipeline Stage

1. Go to Customize section on the Settings page. Click on Workflow and go to Pipeline tab. You will see the default recruitment pipeline

2. Click on (+) Add depending on the stage category under which you want to add the stage

3. This will open Create Pipeline Stage screen. Use the Stage Name text box to give a name to the stage you are creating

4. Choose an appropriate color from the Color’s drop-down. This is used for easy identification of the pipeline stage in your recruitment process

5. Add Automated Actions, Tasks, Tags, Candidate Owner, Questionnaires and/or Video screening test. Refer Adding Automated Actions and Tasks to the Recruitment Pipeline to know how to add them

6. Click on Save button to add the workflow stage to the recruitment pipeline

Edit a Pipeline Stage

1. Click on the Edit icon against the stage name on the Pipeline page. This will take you to Edit Pipeline Stage page

2. Make the required changes and click on Save button

3. To delete a particular stage, click on the Delete icon against the stage name on the Pipeline page

By default, Jobsoid allows you to add up to 5 stages under each category. This can be customized by contacting our support helpdesk.

Changing the Order of Pipeline Stages

You can easily move the stages ahead in the pipeline by simply dragging them and changing the order.

1. Go to the desired stage category

2. Choose the pipeline stage you want and click on the drag icon

3. Now drag and drop the selected pipeline stage to the required location

Note that you can reorder only those stages which belong to a particular stage category. For example, You cannot move a stage from Review Category into Interview Category.

You can request customization of pipeline stages (adding categories in addition to the existing ones or adding more than 5 stages under each category) only if you have subscribed to a PREMIUM PLAN. You will need to send us a request stating what you would need to changed, or discuss your requirements with your dedicated Account Manager.

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