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Snoozing Candidate Profiles
Snoozing Candidate Profiles

Learn how to snooze and unsnooze candidate profiles

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There are times when you find a great candidate who would be a great fit for your job role. However, he/she is not interested in a job change right now. He/she would be interested in discussing the job opportunity at a later time.

At such times, you can snooze the candidate profile and set a reminder to contact them in future. You can unsnooze these profiles at any time you prefer.

To snooze a candidate profile,

1. Click on the desired candidate profile on the Candidate List page. This will open the Candidate Profile  

2. Click on the three dots which are present right under the Candidate Profile Picture 

3. Click on Snooze button. This will open the Snooze window

4. You can set a reminder to contact the candidate now. Enter the desired time duration by selecting the option from Snooze Until drop down. You can also enter a specific date and time. You will receive an email message as well as a notification from Jobsoid

5. You can add your comments in the Comments text area

6. Click on Snooze button

You can also snooze candidate profiles from the Candidate List Page. Select the desired candidates and click on the three dots on the Action bar. Now, click on Snooze button.

When a Candidate profile is snoozed, a clock icon will be shown right next to the Candidate Name. 

To unsnooze a candidate profile,

1. Go to the desired candidate profile

2. Click on the three dots just below the candidate profile picture

3. Click on UnSnooze button

4. A dialog box asking you whether you are sure about unsnoozing the candidate profile will appear. Click on UnSnooze button

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