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Adding Candidates/Leads to an existing Campaign
Adding Candidates/Leads to an existing Campaign

Learn how to add candidates/leads to your existing recruitment marketing campaign.

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Jobsoid allows you to add candidates/leads to your Recipient List at any point in time provided it is in Draft stage.

To add recipients to a campaign,

1. Click on the desired Campaign Name on the Campaign List page. This will open up the details page of that particular campaign

2. Go to the Recipients tab. Click on (+) Add Candidates or/and (+) Add Leads button in the Recipient List panel

3. You can also add candidates and leads by clicking on the (+) Add Candidates and (+) Add Leads button present on the Action bar

4. In the Add Candidates/Leads window, select the desired candidates/leads by clicking on the check-boxes

5. Click on Add Candidates/Leads button
The desired names will be added on to the Recipient List. You can then send out your emails to each of them by clicking on Send button or schedule it by clicking on Schedule button.

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