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Scheduling Video Interviews
Scheduling Video Interviews

Learn how to schedule video interviews in Jobsoid.

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Jobsoid helps in simplifying your preliminary candidate screening process with video interviews. Candidates can answer interviews at their convenience while you view them at yours.

Video interviews can be scheduled in a few easy steps.

To schedule a video interview,

1. Start by clicking on Interviews on the top navigation bar. Now, click on (+) New button. This will open an New Interview form

2. Select Video option to schedule a video interview 

3. Mention the End Date and End Time accordingly

4. Enter a name for the interview in the Name text box

5. Select the Interviewers by clicking on the Interviewers drop-down

6. Click on (+) Add Candidates on the right-side to add candidates to this interview. Choose the desired candidates from the Candidate list on the Add Candidates page and click on Add Candidates button

7. To add your questions, click on (+) Add Question. Write down your question in the Question text-box

8. Set the Preparation and Answer Time for the same

9. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 until you finish adding all the questions

10. Save the interview by clicking on Save button 

Once you schedule the interview, you will be directed to the interview details page. Click on Email Invite button on the top-right corner of the page to send out video interview invites to your candidates.

Jobsoid allows you to add candidates to your scheduled video interview at any point in time, before the end date of the interview.

Candidates will be required to download Jobsoid Video App to answer the interview. Once completed, you can view the candidate responses in the Video tab on the Interview Details page. All the responses are presented in the form of a playlist with pause and play controls. You can view them at your convenient time and place.

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