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Sending interview invites and getting confirmations
Sending interview invites and getting confirmations

Learn how to invite your candidates for an interview.

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Jobsoid lets you send out interview invites to your candidates quickly. It can be done directly from the interview details page.

The interview details page gives you details of the scheduled interview like date and time of interview, interview venue, names of interviewers and candidates.

To send interview invites to candidates,

1. Click on Email Invites button on the interview details page. This will open Send Email page

2. Click on Templates and select the interview invite template from the drop-down. You can also write out a new interview invite email if you wish to. Make use of the features of the rich text editor

3. Click on the (-) icon if you wish to delete some candidates from the recipient's list

4. Click on Show Preview button to preview your emails 

5. Click on Send button to send the email. The email message having an interview invite and confirmation link will be sent to the candidates

6. You can schedule your invites to be sent to candidates from our predefined times such as “Tomorrow”, “In a Week”, “In a Month” or set a custom date and time to send the email

7. You will receive a notification alert/email/SMS once the candidate confirms or declines the interview.

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