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Send SMS / Text messages to Candidates
Send SMS / Text messages to Candidates

Learn how to send out SMS/Text messages to your candidates directly through their profiles in Jobsoid.

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Missing out on emails is obvious when the email client is flooded with numerous emails. Sending out a Text (SMS) message to your candidates informing them about the sent mail is hence a viable option.

Jobsoid allows you to send out personalized text (SMS) messages to your candidates directly from their profiles.

To send SMS to a candidate,

1. Click on Text (SMS) tab on the candidate profile. Note that this tab will be visible to you only if the candidate has provided his mobile number in his application

2. Write your message in the provided text area

3. Personalize your message by using merge fields. Click on the {...} icon and choose the desired field

4. You can also use the pre-designed templates and save time while writing out the message. Click on Templates and select the appropriate template

5. To preview your message, click on the Preview icon

6. Click on Send button to send your message

The sent message will be shown to you in the Recent Activity section on the Candidate profile.

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