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Managing your Text (SMS) Templates
Managing your Text (SMS) Templates

Learn how to create and manage Text (SMS) Templates in Jobsoid.

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Jobsoid lets you send out quick SMS messages to the candidates as well as to your contacts. It could be a message asking the candidates/contacts to check their email or asking them to submit some documents. These SMSes can catch the attention of the candidates/contacts in the case if your emails are left unread.

Creating an SMS Template

1. Go to Customize section on the Settings page

2. Click on SMS Templates

3. By default, you will be taken to Candidates tab. If you wish to create email templates for communicating with your client, go to Contacts tab

4. Click on Add New button. This will open Add Template form

5. Select the type of the template from Template Type drop-down
​         General - A general email template
​         Interview - A template related to the candidate interviews
​         Workflow - A template related to the candidate's recruitment stages

6. Enter a name for the template in the Name text box

7. Write out your text message in the provided text area

8. If you wish to use merge fields, simply click on the ones you want to add them to your message

9. Click on Save button

Editing an existing template

1. Click on the Edit icon against the Template Name

2. Make the desired changes in the template content. Note that you cannot change the template type during editing

3. To save the changes, click on Save button

Deleting an existing template

1. Click on the Delete icon against the Template Name

2. A message box asking you a confirmation for the delete operation will be shown to you

3. Click on Delete button to delete the template

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