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How do I cancel my subscription plan?
How do I cancel my subscription plan?

Learn how you can cancel your active Jobsoid subscription plan.

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Jobsoid is a Subscription based service which provides access based on your Active Subscription Plan.

You can cancel your subscription plan at any time. Your account will remain active until the end of the billing cycle and then, automatically migrated to a Free Plan. The Free Plan entitles you one user account and one active job opening. The additional job openings will be automatically unpublished and archived post the migration. In addition, some features will also be disabled on your account.

To cancel your subscription plan,

1. Go to Upgrade section on the Settings page

2. Click on Plans and Pricing

3. You will see your subscription related information under My Subscription section

4. Go to Billing Cycle section. Click on Cancel button

5. The Cancel Subscription message box asking you to whether you want to cancel your subscription will be shown to you. Click on Cancel Subscription button

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we cannot issue refunds or credits for partial use of service or the amount of time left in your subscription. You can refer our Terms of Service here.

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