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Setup Predefined Tasks for Automation
Setup Predefined Tasks for Automation

Learn how to create tasks for workflow automations.

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Jobsoid allows you to create predefined tasks and delegates them to your team members with ease. You can assign a particular task to a team member at the time of task creation. Every time that particular task is added, it will be assigned to the concerned team member automatically.

You can also link these tasks with the stages of your recruitment pipeline and automate your task assignment process.

Creating a Task

1. Go to the Settings page

2. Click on Tasks under the Workflow section

3. Click on (+) Add New Task button. This will open a Create Task form

4. Enter the task name in the Title text box

5. Choose the name of the team member to whom you want to assign this task from the Assign To drop-down

6. Set priority to this task. Click on the respective tab under Priority

7. If you wish to set a reminder to this task, toggle the Set Reminder switch to ON

8. Choose the number of days prior to which you want your alert reminder to be sent. Adjust the days using the up-down arrows

9. Select the time from the Alert Time drop-down

10. To save the task, click on Save button

Editing a Task

1. Click on the Edit icon beside the task name

2. Make the required changes to the task in the Edit Task form

3. Click on the Save button and save the changes

Deleting a Task

1. Click on the Delete icon beside the task name

2. A message box asking you to confirm the deletion will be shown to you. Click on the Delete button

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