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User Roles & Permissions
User Roles & Permissions

Learn about various user roles and their access permissions.

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Types of User Roles


  • Typically your Organization should have only 1 Admin account. Admin Role gives you access to all the areas of your Jobsoid Account.

  • An Admin can view Jobs posted by all users (All Jobs) and view candidates (All Candidates) in each of these Jobs.

  • Admin also has full access to Settings


  • All your Senior level users should be given this Role. Manager Role gives most of the access rights to the the Jobsoid user.

  • A Manager can view Jobs posted by all users (All Jobs) and view candidates (All Candidates), however the Manager cannot modify or delete Jobs or Candidates, unless he is authorized by the Owner of that Job.

  • Managers also have most of the access of Settings, except modification of Master data (which could affect other users), which should ideally be done by the Admin.


  • All your Junior level users should be given this Role. User Role gives the least access rights to the Jobsoid user.

  • A User cannot view Jobs or Candidates (All Jobs or All Candidates) by default. However, if a User is assigned as a Hiring Manager for a Job Opening, only then he will be able to see the Jobs and the Candidates attached to the Job under My Jobs and My Candidates respectively.

  • Hence you can give selective access to the users based on which Job or a Recruitment Stage the User will be involved in. Users will also not have any access rights for Reporting.

Customization of User Roles
If you have subscribed to a
PRO PLAN or higher, you can request customization of these Roles to fit the needs of your organization. You will need to send us a request stating what you would need to changed, or discuss your requirements with your dedicated Account Manager.

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