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Managing Tags on Candidates
Managing Tags on Candidates

Learn how to create and manage tags on your candidate profiles.

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Jobsoid lets you add tags to candidate profiles to help you in simplifying your recruitment process. Tags are similar to labels. Just as labels help in classifying things into categories, tags prove to be of great help in shortlisting candidates.

To add tags

1. Go to the Customize section in the Settings page. Now, click on Candidates and Leads

2. Click on Tags tab

3. Click on Add New Tag button. This will open Add New Tag form

4. Enter the tag name in the Name text box

5. To save, click on Save button

Jobsoid allows you to create multiple tags at a time. You can add any number of tags on a candidate profile. There is no limit on the same.

You can also edit or delete a tag which has been created by you at any time. Just click on the Edit icon next to the tag name in the Tags list. To delete a tag, click on the delete icon.

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