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Adding Tags on Candidates
Adding Tags on Candidates

Learn how to add tags on your candidate profiles.

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A tag can be easily compared to a label. Just as labels help in classification of certain things, tags in Jobsoid help in the classification of candidates.

Tags are mainly used to filter candidate profiles. There is no limit on the number of tags you add to a candidate profile. You can add tags on Candidate profiles in two ways

How to Add a Tag on Candidate Profile Page

1. Click on New + near the tag icon under the candidate source. It will turn into a text box upon clicking  

2. Type out your tag in the text box or choose from the list of suggested tags from the drop-down 

3. Select the tag and press enter. You will see the applied tag beside the New button 

4. To remove the tag, hover the mouse over the tag and click on (X) icon 

How to Add a Tag on Candidate List Page

1. Select the Candidate profile by clicking on the checkbox  

2. Click on the Tag icon on the toolbar. This will open an Add Tag dialogue box 

3. Type your tag in the text box. You can also select the tag from the suggested ones in the drop-down 

4. Select the tag and press the enter key. Your tag will be applied to the profile 

5. You can use this method to apply tags to multiple candidates at a time 

Jobsoid allows you to add tags to multiple candidate profiles at a time. You will have to select the desired profiles from the list and then, add the tag.

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