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Share candidate profile with other people
Share candidate profile with other people

Learn how to share candidate profiles with external decision makers.

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Jobsoid offers an easy way to share candidate profiles with people outside your organization. They are called as external users of Jobsoid. You can share the Candidate profile with multiple people at a time.

1. Open the Candidate profile of the candidate you wish to share

2. Click on Share button on the action bar. This will open Share window asking you to choose the contact you want to share the profile with

3. Select the name of the contacts you want to share the candidate profile with from the To drop-down 

4. You can create a new contact if the details of that external user are not saved. Click on (+)New Contact. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Email Address and click on Save button

5. Select the job opening from the Jobs drop-down

6. Choose the message you wish to send to your contact from Templates drop-down

7. Enter the subject in the Subject textbox

8. Write your message in the text area provided using the rich text editor. You can also save your message as a Template and use it the next time you share candidates with your contacts

9. The details of the candidate will be displayed to you on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the fields that you wish to share and uncheck the rest. If you do not wish to share the resume, simply click on X icon

10. Once you have filled in all the required fields, click on Share button

This will send out an email to your chosen contact with a secure public share link of this candidate profile, which can be viewed without logging into your Jobsoid account.

These external users will be able to give their feedback by replying to the email or by posting a comment on the candidate profile. These comments will appear under the Recent Activity on the candidate profile.

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