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Managing External Contacts
Managing External Contacts

Learn how to save and manage your client/senior management/stakeholders' details in your Jobsoid account.

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Contacts in Jobsoid help you in sharing candidate profiles with anyone without a Jobsoid account. These could be your Clients, Senior Management, Stakeholders, etc. or anyone who is not a part of your Jobsoid account. If you are a recruiter, this will help you manage contact details of all your clients.

Sharing of candidate profiles with contacts will allow you to get feedback directly on the candidate profile. Contacts can have access to all the recruitment activity on a candidate.

Making your comments, reviews visible to “External” users will make them visible to your contacts. He will have access to the candidate's details and the recruitment activities.

To add an external contact to your Jobsoid account,

1. Go to the Organization section in the Settings page

2. Click on Contacts 

3. Click on (+) New button on the Contacts page. This will open Create Contact form. 

4. Enter the first name of your contact in the First Name text box 

5. Enter the last name of your contact in the Last Name text box 

6. In the Email text box, enter the email address of your contact 

7. Click on Save button to save the contact 

Jobsoid allows you to modify a contact anytime. Click on the Edit icon against the contact details and change the desired details. You can also delete a contact if you wish to by clicking on the Delete icon.

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