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Creating Questionnaires for Applicants
Creating Questionnaires for Applicants

Learn how to create a textual questionnaire for your candidates.

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Jobsoid allows you to define a set of job-related questions to be asked to the candidates during their job application process. You can create job specific questionnaires and use them when required. There is no limit on the number of questionnaires you create on Jobsoid.

Create a questionnaire on Jobsoid by following the below-mentioned steps.

1. Go to the Settings

2. Under the Customize section, click on Questionnaires

3. To create a new questionnaire, click on the Add New button. This will open Add Questionnaire page

4. Enter a name for your questionnaire in the Name field. Note that this field is the name with which the questionnaire will be saved on your Jobsoid account

5. You can use the questionnaire for your jobs only if the Enabled toggle is set to ON. By default, the toggle is set ON. Enter a title in the Title field

6. You can also move your candidates to the desired stage of your pipeline based on their response to a single question or after the completion of the entire questionnaire. Turn the Enable Automation Toggle to ON and set a delay time by choosing the appropriate duration from the drop-down

7. You will be presented with one question section by default. To add more questions, click on Add Question button

8. Enter your question in the Question text area

9. Based on the type of question you are asking your candidate, choose the type from the Field Type drop-down

10. Set the Required toggle to ON if you want to make the question a mandatory one

11. You can also enable automation and logic on your question. Set the Automation and Enable Logic toggle to ON. To learn more about how to enable automation and logic, kindly refer Questionnaire Automation and Questionnaire Branching

12. To delete a particular question, click on Delete icon at the right corner of the section

13. You can add multiple questions to your questionnaire. There is no maximum limit on the number of questions that you add

14. Rearrange the questions if required by clicking ON the Change order of questions toggle

15. Click on the Save button and save the questionnaire

All the questionnaires that you create will be displayed as a list on the Questionnaires page.

You can add more questions to your existing questionnaire by editing it. To add questions,

  1. Click on Edit icon. This will take you to Edit Questionnaire page.

  2. To add a new question, click on (+) Add Question.

  3. Save the questionnaire by clicking on Save button.

To delete the questionnaire, click on the Delete icon.

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