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Enabling Question Branching on Questionnaires
Enabling Question Branching on Questionnaires

Learn how to enable question branching on your questionnaires so that you can show only those questions that are relevant to your candidates

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Jobsoid allows you to create intelligent questionnaires having conditional branching. These questionnaires work according to the actions your candidates take. You can either show or hide a question based on the candidate’s response to a previous question.

You can apply conditional logic for the following types of questions

  • Yes/No

  • Checkbox

  • Radio Buttons

  • Single Choice

To enable Question branching on your questionnaire,

1. Add a new question to the questionnaire or choose the question you wish to enable the logic

2. Set the ‘Enable Logic’ toggle to ON

3. Under the ‘Visibility’ drop-down, choose whether you want to show or hide the question

4. Under the ‘When’ drop-down, select the conditions for which you want to display or hide the question

5. Click on (+) Add Rule to add the criteria for the same. You can choose one or more questions depending upon your requirements

6. Save the logic by clicking on Save button

The questionnaire will be displayed as follows on your candidate application form.

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