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Receiving applications from other Sources
Receiving applications from other Sources

Learn how to receive candidate applications from various sources directly into your Jobsoid account.

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Jobsoid lets you manage all your applications in one place. In addition to the applications you receive from various job boards, you may receive them on your email inbox or the job boards which aren't integrated with Jobsoid yet.

Receiving Applications on Email

Copy the email address displayed on your Job details page under Email Inbox. This email address will generally be of the format:


Applications received on this email address will be assigned to the respective jobs. This is ideal for advertising your email address for a specific Job opening.

Receiving Applications from Other Job Boards

Copy the URL displayed on your Job details page under Web URL. This address is the URL of your Job Opening as published on your Careers Portal.

If you wish to track the sources through which you receive the applications, click on Select Candidate Source drop down and choose the desired source. The email address and the Web URL will change according to the source you choose.

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