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Creating Candidate Profiles from Email
Creating Candidate Profiles from Email

Learn more about how to create candidate profiles from your email inbox.

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Jobsoid allows you to have all candidate applications you receive in your account no matter from which source you are receiving them.

If you are receiving candidate applications on your email inbox, you can have the candidate profiles automatically created for you. All you need to do is forward the emails that you receive in your email inbox to your Jobsoid account.

You can do it by configuring your email account and setting the forwarding address of your email as

Here, your company refers to the name of your company. You can find this email address on the billing page of your Jobsoid account.

When a candidate sends in his application for the job opening on your email, a copy of it will be forwarded to the Jobsoid mailbox. The resume parser of Jobsoid will parse the candidate resume and create the candidate profile.

Jobsoid also provides you with job-specific email addresses so that the candidates are auto-assigned to the job. This will ease you of the burden of manual job assignment. You can find this email address on the Info tab on the Job Details page.

With Jobsoid, you will neither be required to import the resumes nor manually fill in the details of all candidates. It will automatically create comprehensive candidate profiles for you.

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