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Inviting Clients to collaborate
Inviting Clients to collaborate

Learn how to connect with your clients directly on Jobsoid and share profiles with them seamlessly, in few clicks.

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Jobsoid allows you to connect with your clients and share candidates with them directly via Jobsoid. You no longer have to draft multiple emails to share candidate profiles with your clients anymore. You can share candidate profiles in just a few clicks with Jobsoid.

You just need to invite your client to connect with you on Jobsoid and request their permission to share candidates.

To request permission,

1. Go to Settings

2. Under the Preferences section, click on Manage Sharing

3. Now, move to Sending Candidates section

4. Click on Request Permission button 

5. Enter your client's email address in the given text box and click on Send button

6. An email message will be sent to your client right away asking them to connect with you on Jobsoid. If your client is not a Jobsoid user, he can create a free account and get started with receiving candidates from you

Managing your Client Requests

All the requests will be shown under the Manage Requests tab under Sending Candidates section. You can delete your request any time by clicking on Delete button. 

Once accepted, the connection will be established and the client name will be shown under Active tab. 

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