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Connect Google/Microsoft Calendar to Jobsoid
Connect Google/Microsoft Calendar to Jobsoid

Learn how to connect your Google/Microsoft Calendar to your Jobsoid account.

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You can now connect your Google/Microsoft Calendar with your Jobsoid account and check the availability of your recruiting team directly at the time of scheduling interviews. 

To connect your calendar with Jobsoid,

1. Click on Profile on the navigation bar or go to Settings. Under Preferences, click on Profile

2. Go to Calendar & Single Sign-On section

3. You can either connect your Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar with your Jobsoid account 

4. Click on Connect button next to the desired calendar. You will be prompted to log in to your account and will ask you for access permissions. Click on Allow button 

5. Choose the desired calendar from the default calendar drop-down

6. Click on Save button 

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