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Creating Video Screening for Applicants
Creating Video Screening for Applicants

Learn how to create video screening for candidates.

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You can screen your candidates on a video screen by sending across a video screening test to them. The candidates can record their responses in a video format by downloading Jobsoid Video mobile app. You can then view these video responses seamlessly on their profiles.

To create a video screening questionnaire, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Go to the Settings

2. Under Customize section, click on Questionnaires. Click on Video Screening tab

3. To create a new video screening, click on the Add New Video Questionnaire button. This will open Add Video Screening Page

4. Enter a name for your video screening in the Name field. Your video screening will be saved with the same name on your Jobsoid account

5. Make sure that you set the Enabled toggle to ON. You will be able to use this screening test only if this toggle is set to ON

6. By default, you will be presented with one question section. To add more questions, click on (+) Add Question button

7. Enter your question in the given Question field. Set the Preparation and Answer time for the same

8. You can add multiple questions to your questionnaire. There is no maximum limit on the number of questions you add

9. If you wish to delete any question, click on Delete icon at the right corner of the section

10. You can also rearrange your questions, if required, by clicking on the drag icon

11. Click on the Save button and save the video screening

The questionnaires you create are displayed as a list on the Video Screening page. Jobsoid allows you to add more questions to your video screening either by editing it or by creating its copy.

Adding questions by editing an existing video screening questionnaire

1. Click on Edit icon. This will take you to Edit Video Screening page

2. To add a new question, click on (+) Add Question

3. Click on Save button and save your changes

Adding questions by creating a copy of an existing screening questionnaire

1. Click on Add New Video Questionnaire. This will open Add Video Screening page

2. Click on Import from an existing questionnaire on the right-hand side of the screen

3. Select the desired video screening from the drop-down list. This will automatically add all the questions to your new screening

4. Give a name to your video screening by entering the same in the Name field

5. Add additional questions by clicking on (+) Add Question button

6. Save your video screening by clicking on Save button

You can also enable automation on your video screenings.

To enable automation on your video screenings,

1. Toggle ON the Enable Automation section

2. You can set a delay time for the automation to be triggered. This means that the system will wait for the set duration of time before triggering the automation

3. Now move towards the end of page

4. Choose a stage you want your candidates to be moved to on completion of the video screening

5. Click on Save button to save your automation

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