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Setting up your Referral Portal
Setting up your Referral Portal

Learn how to set up your referral portal. Let your employees help you in finding your next best hire.

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Have your existing employees help you in hiring the best talent. Jobsoid offers you a referral portal to help your employees recommend best candidates to you.

All the jobs that are published on Jobsoid will be made available for your employees to refer candidates. This includes internal job postings as well.

To access your referral portal,

1. Go to Settings

2. Under the Tools section, click on Referral Portal. This will open Referral Portal page

Portal URL

This is the link to your candidate referral portal. You can enable or disable your referral portal according to your requirements.

Allow registrations from these email domains

As the name suggests, Jobsoid offers you complete control over who signs up for your candidate referral program. You should list down the email domains in the below text box to allow their registrations.

Manage Employees

This section gives you a list of your employees who have registered for your referral program. You can also invite your employees to sign up for the same.

To invite your employees for the referral program,

1. Go to Manage Employees section

2. Click on Add New Employee button

3. Enter the first name and last name of the employee in the First Name and Last Name text boxes respectively

4. Enter the employee email address in the Email field

5. Click on Save button

Jobsoid will automatically send an email inviting the employee to register for the referral program.

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