You can now recommend candidates for the open positions in your company by signing up with the referral portal.

Registering with Referral Portal

Registering for the referral portal is an easy process.

1. Visit the referral portal link

2. Fill in your details in the given form

3. Click on Register button

Your account will be created and an account activation and verification email will be sent to you. Account confirmation is mandatory in order to be able to login to your referral account.

Knowing your account


Once you login to your referral account, you will be taken to your account dashboard. The dashboards gives you insights into your referral efforts.

Towards the left-hand side, you will find your personal details like your email address and phone number. In addition to this, you will find your referral code. You can use this code to share the job openings on any platform you wish.

Towards the right-hand side, you will find Recent Activity section. It shows you the number of referrals done and views received in a graphical format.

As the name suggests, the four cards - Jobs Shared, Total Views, Candidates Referred and Candidates Hired, give you the exact figures of each respectively.

Job Shares

The Job Shares page gives you a list of available job openings. You can sort these jobs on the basis of their posted dates or names in ascending or descending order.

To share a job opening in your network,

1. Click on the Share button next to the desired job opening. This will activate the Share tabs below the job opening

2. Jobsoid allows you to share your jobs on your Facebook profile, Facebook pages (if any), your LinkedIn profile and via an email

3. In order to share the job opening on your social network, you will be required to connect your social media accounts with your referral account

To share on Facebook,

  • Go to Share on Facebook tab
  • Write out a short message about your job opening in the provided text box
  • Click on Share button to post the job opening on your Facebook profile or page

To share on LinkedIn,

  • Go to Share on LinkedIn tab
  • Write out a short message about your job opening in the provided text box
  • Click on Share button to post the job opening on your LinkedIn profile or page

To share the job opening via emails,

  • Click on Share via Mail tab. This will open a mail composer for you
  • Enter the email addresses of the recipients in the Send To text box
  • By default, a message will be loaded in the text area. You can write out a custom message, if you wish, with the help of the rich text editor. You can also save your custom message as a template to be used for future
  • Click on Send Email button to send out your message to the selected recipients

My Referrals

As the name suggests, you can view the list of all the candidates you have referred for the job positions. You can view the status of the applications of referred candidates anytime. You can also sort the candidates based on their application date or name.

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