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Customizing the Careers Portal
Customizing the Careers Portal

Learn how to customize your careers portal.

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Jobsoid offers you a completely customizable careers portal that not only lists various job openings in your company but also allows you to create engaging pages depicting your organization, the work culture, and many other related things. It helps in employer branding.

To customize your careers portal,

1. Go to the Settings. Under the Tools section, click on Careers Portal. This will open a Careers Portal page

2. Under Customize tab, enter the name of your choice in the Portal Subdomain text box and click on Save button

3. Choose the theme layout by selecting the desired theme

4. Choose the layout in which you want your portal to be displayed - Full Width or Boxed

5. Move to the Portal Pages section by clicking on Portal Pages tab. Your career portal will have a Home Page by default

6. Click on Edit icon to design your home page

7. Enter the name you want to save your page as in the Name text box. Ensure that the Enabled toggle is set to ON so that the page is visible on the portal

8. Enter the title of the page in the Title text box

9. Write out a short description about the page. And mention a few keywords related to the page. This step is optional. You may skip it if you wish to

10. Under the Page Header section, enter the title of the page header in the Title text box. Add a suitable sub title if required

11. Upload a cover image to this header by clicking on (+) Upload Cover Image. Choose the desired image from your computer system. Ensure that your image is of .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png format

12. Click on (+) Add Section to add content to your page. You can choose from one among HTML Content, Job Listing or Image Gallery option

13. Click on Save button to save the page

14. You can add multiple pages to your careers portal. To add a new page, Click on   (+) Add page option and follow the steps mentioned above to design it

15. Rearrange the pages using the drag option

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