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Customizing the Application Form
Customizing the Application Form

Learn how to customize your application form so that you can capture relevant information about your candidates.

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Jobsoid lets you easily customize your candidate application form. You can now have a full control over the layout and the visibility of the fields on your application form.

To customize your custom application form,

1. Go to the Settings section of your Jobsoid account

2. Under the Tools section, click on Careers Portal. Now, click on Application Form tab

3. Give a title to your application form if required. Type in the title in the Title text box

4. You can also add instructions for your candidates under the subtitle. To save, click on Save button

5. To rename the sections on the application form, click on the Edit icon and make the desired changes. Do not forget to save the changes by clicking on Save button

6. By default, all the sections in the form are enabled. If you do not want certain sections to be displayed on your application form, you can disable them by clicking on the Edit icon and turning Enabled toggle to OFF

7. Rearrange the fields if you wish to by clicking on the drag icon 

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