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Managing your Email Templates
Managing your Email Templates

Learn how to create and manage your email templates in Jobsoid.

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Jobsoid allows you to create templates to automate your email communication to candidates as well as your contacts.

You can also use these templates to manually send out repetitive emails to candidates or automate them by configuring your hiring workflow.

Types of Email Templates

Save your email messages as templates. This is to quicken your email sending process and ensure seamless communication.

  • General - General template is used for sending emails from the candidate details page

  • Interview - Interview template is used to send out interview invites to candidates. These will typically send out a confirmation link for candidates to confirm the interview online.

  • Workflow - Workflow templates are used for Auto-responders and Engagement emails. If attached to a Pipeline stage, an email can be sent out automatically when a candidate is moved to that stage.

Creating a Template

1. Go to Customize section on the Settings page

2. Click on Email Templates. By default, you will be taken to Candidates tab. If you wish to create email templates for communicating with your client, go to Contacts tab

3. Now click on Add New button. This will open Add Template form

4. Select the type of template you are creating from the Template Type drop-down

5. Enter a template name in the Name text box. This will be used to uniquely identify your email template

6. Enter the subject of the email in the Subject text box. This will automatically populate the subject while sending the email

7. Write your email message in the provided text area. Style your message using the options provided by the rich text editor

8. Add a personal touch to your message with the help of merge fields. Simply click on the desired merge fields below to add them to your email message

9. By default, Private toggle switch will be set to ON which means the template will be visible only to you. If you wish to make your email template available to your team, set the Private toggle to OFF

10. Click on the Save button to save the template

Editing a Template

1. Click on the Edit icon next to the template name. This will take you to the Edit Template form

2. Make the required changes. Note that you will not be able to change the Template type when editing the template

3. Save the changes by clicking on Save button

Deleting a Template

1. Click on the Delete icon next to the template name

2. Delete Email Template message box will appear asking the confirmation

3. Click on Delete button

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