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Sending bulk emails to Candidates
Sending bulk emails to Candidates

Learn how to send emails to multiple candidates at a time.

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Jobsoid allows you to send emails to multiple candidates at a time. It can be done in three ways:

From the Candidates tab on Job Details page

1. Click on the desired job opening on the Jobs List page

2. Go to the Candidates tab on the Job Details page. You will find a list of candidate profiles in various recruitment stages

3. Click on the desired stage and select the desired candidates by clicking on the check-boxes

4. Now click on (...) icon on the action bar and choose Email option from the drop-down. This will open Send Email page 

From the Candidates page:

1. Click on Candidates on the navigation bar. You will see a list of candidate profiles on the Candidates page

2. Select the desired candidate profiles by clicking on the check-boxes

3. Now click on Email button on the Action bar. This will open Send Email page 

The Send Email page basically contains your recipient list and a mail composer. The left side of the page will show you the list of selected candidates while the right side is the email editor. You can add more candidates to the recipients' list by clicking on     (+) Add Candidates and delete them by clicking on (-) icon

To compose your email, 

1. Enter the subject of your email in the textbox

2. Start writing your email message in the given text area

3. If you wish to use the pre-designed templates, you can do so by clicking on Templates and choose the one that is most appropriate for you

4. Click on Show Preview button to preview the email

5. To send out the emails, click on Send button. You can also schedule these messages and send it out at a later date and time. Click on the clock icon and choose the desired time. You may also enter a custom date and time 

Note that you can add or delete the content from the pre-designed templates when drafting your emails according to your requirements.

Using Engagement Campaigns

You can create campaigns to engage your candidates as well as your prospects and keep them interested in your recruiting process. Send out personalized messages and improve the engagement experience. Monitor the performance of your campaign in real-time.

To know more about how to create campaigns, refer Creating a Campaign.

Campaigns are available on PRO PLAN or higher. To enable this feature on your account, contact support on [email protected]

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