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Using Email Templates
Using Email Templates

Learn how to use your existing email templates while drafting emails for your candidates.

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Jobsoid allows you to save your email messages as templates and use them to compose your next email message. Insert these ready-to-send templates to save a lot of your recruiting time.

Read this help article to know how to save email messages as templates:  Managing your Email Templates

Sending an email from the Candidate Profile

To send an email,

1. Go to the Email tab towards the right-hand side on the Candidate Profile

2. Click on the Templates icon on the text editor. A drop-down containing all the saved templates will be shown to you

3. Choose the desired template from the drop-down by clicking on it. The message will be inserted in the message area

4. Click on the Preview icon if you wish to preview your email

5. Click on Send button

6. You can also schedule your emails to candidates from our predefined times such as “Tomorrow”, “In a Week”, “In a Month” or set a custom date and time to send the email

Your email will be sent out to your candidate and shown under the Recent Activity section on his profile. You will also be able to view your candidate’s response to your email in the Recent Activity section.

Candidate Status change email

You can configure your recruitment pipeline in such a way that a recruitment stage is linked to an email template. Hence when you change the candidate status, an email is sent to the candidate notifying him about the status of the application automatically.

To be sure that auto-sending of emails is enabled for the desired stage, you will be required to check your recruitment pipeline. If you see an envelope sign corresponding to the desired stage, it means that auto-sending of email is enabled for that particular stage. If not, refer this article to enable it: Sending emails automatically.

To send out status change emails,

1. Open the desired Candidate Profile

2. Click on the current status of the candidate. A "Candidate Status" pop-up window will appear on your screen

3. Now click on the desired status that you would like to assign to the candidate

4. Add your comments if you wish to

5. Ensure that Send Email to Candidate toggle is set to ON

6. By default, the email would be sent out to the candidate immediately. You can schedule this email to be sent out at a later time. Click on the clock icon and choose the desired date and time

7. Click on OK button and save the changes

The candidate status change notification is sent automatically to the candidate through an email, and you can check the sent mail in the Recent Activity section on the candidate profile.

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