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Sharing job postings on Social Networks
Sharing job postings on Social Networks

Learn how to share your job postings on your social media networks.

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Jobsoid lets you share job openings on social networks. This will help you in reaching out to a larger audience involving both, active as well as passive candidates. You can share your job openings on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

In order to share job openings on social media, Click on the desired Job opening. This will take you to the Job Details page. Now, go to the Share tab.

You must ensure that you have connected your social media profiles with your Jobsoid account. If not, you can connect the same by clicking on the respective buttons on the right hand side of the screen.

Towards the left hand side of the screen, there is a composer. You can compose your post caption in the given text area.

To share your job opening, 

  • Click on the respective pages or profiles to share this job on the desired social media networks.

  • Write a quick caption about your job opening in the provided text area

  • A system-generated image will be shared along with your job posting. You can change this image by clicking on the image placeholder and uploading the desired image

  • You can also customize the caption you are sharing according to the social media network you are sharing it on. Click on Customize for each network and write the desired caption

  • Click on Share button and share your job opening

In addition to this, you can also share your job opening at a later date and time using the scheduler.

  • Click on the Clock icon and select the desired time from the list of available options

  • You can also enter a custom date and time  by selecting 'At a specific time' option in the drop-down

  • Click on Schedule button and complete the post scheduling process

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