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Post a New Job Opening

Learn how to post a job opening on multiple job platforms using Jobsoid.

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Jobsoid makes it easy for you to manage all your Job postings in one central cloud account. Once you create a Job posting in Jobsoid, it will automatically be published to various Free Job Boards, your Website, and Social Networks. You can also publish your Jobs to Premium Job Boards by paying the necessary fees.

Click on (+)New button on the Jobs List Page. This will take you to Create New Job page.


Start creating your job by adding basic information about the job such as job title, job description, location etc. This is the first step of your job creation process. 

Job Title: Enter the name of the position you are hiring candidates for.

Job Code: This is an absolutely optional field and is used only for internal identification in your organization.

Description: Enter the job description in the rich text editor provided. This is absolutely necessary to gain any visibility at all. Empty Job descriptions may be fine for internal openings but definitely required if you need to source talent from the outside world. You can also choose the desired job description from our Job Descriptions Library and customize it according to your hiring requirements.
Though this page might look like a tedious form to be filled, it can be a very simple and quick process if you understand the meaning of each of these fields and their importance. 

Job Publishing: The medium where you would like to publish the job opening. You can either publish it as an internal posting (visible only to your hiring team) or public posting (visible on your website, social media and all free job boards).

Location: Locations are very important to give your Jobs visibility on Job portals and search engines. Select the location for which you are hiring candidates. If you don't have any saved locations, you can create one by clicking on the New Location button. (Refer this article to know how to create locations in Settings - Managing your Locations)

Employer Details : Select the appropriate option. Choose 'My Organization' if you are hiring candidates for your job openings. If you are a recruiter hiring for your clients, choose 'Another Organization' and then, select the desired organization from the Organization drop-down. 

  1. Industry: Specify the Industry relevant to this Job opening. This is required by certain Job boards to list the Job under a specific Industry.

  2. Job Function: Job Function gives the candidates a brief idea about the responsibilities he will be required to carry out if selected for that particular position. Specify the relevant job function. This will help you in receiving quality candidate applications. You can create a new job function by clicking on (+)Job Function on the right-hand side of the section.

  3. Department: Departments are used to organize job openings in your organization. Select the desired Department from the drop-down. You can create a new department by clicking on (+)Department on the right-hand side of the section. 

Employment Details

  1. Employment Type: Whether the Job you are hiring is a Full Time, Part Time or any other type, select the job type from the drop-down according to your requirements. You can create a new employment type by clicking on (+)Employment Type on the right-hand side of the section. 

  2. Experience Level: Number of years of experience required for your particular position. Specify Minimum to Maximum values in years.

  3. Positions: Number of positions you are hiring. This is helpful when you are hiring multiple candidates for the same job role.

  4. Salary: Specify the approximate salary for this particular position. Enter the Minimum to Maximum value (Annual) in the respective text boxes and choose a currency from the Currency drop-down.


Enter the additional details like custom fields, keywords related to the required skills, the template to capture your team's feedback about candidates, etc.

Add files as attachments on your jobs and let your candidates have easy access to these files. Click on (+)Add button in the Attachments section to upload files on your job.

Required Skills:
You can now add the desired skills to your job to score the candidate profiles based on their relevance to the job opening. Jobsoid extracts the skills by understanding your job description and assigns it a score. You can add the skills manually as well.

To know more about Smart Filter Intelligence, refer the detailed article - Smart Filter Intelligence

Candidate Review Template:  
Capture your hiring team's feedback about your candidates using this review template. Set review criteria to rate your candidates on certain skill set. Choose the desired criteria by clicking on the multi-select drop down. 


Questionnaire: Ask questions to your candidates at the time of their job application. Choose an existing template or create one on the go and attach it to the job opening. You can also qualify or disqualify candidates based on their responses using questionnaire automation.

Please note that you can add just one questionnaire to a job opening.


Invite your team members and recruiters to collaborate with you on Jobsoid and make better hiring decisions.

Team Members:
To allow certain users access to your Job openings and the candidates associated, you can assign your team as Hiring Managers to the Job opening.  

In the Advanced mode, you are able to assign different Hiring Managers for every stage of your recruiting pipeline. To do so, switch Assign Team Members per Pipeline Stage toggle to ON. This will automatically assign the hiring managers to the candidates as they move ahead in each stage. 

You can also invite your team to collaborate by clicking on (+) Invite your Team. 

Recruiting Agencies:
To allow your external recruiters to submit applications for your job openings, you can assign them as Recruiters for the job opening. The candidates that your recruiters submit will be directly received in your Jobsoid account. 

You can also request candidates by clicking on (+)Invite Recruiter 

Share on Social Networks:
Social Media has turned out to be a great source for finding the best talent. Connect your social media networks with Jobsoid and share the job openings in your connections. 

To know how to share your job opening on social media, refer this article - Sharing job postings on social networks


Publish your job openings on your website, company social media pages and various free job boards in just one click. Your job opening will be reviewed by our Jobs Approval Team so that it adheres to all the terms stated by our partner job boards.

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