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Adding Questionnaire to an existing Job
Adding Questionnaire to an existing Job

Learn how to add a Questionnaire to an existing job.

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Questionnaires are a set of job-related questions that can be asked to the candidates at the time of their job application. They can be added to new job openings as well as to the existing ones.

Jobsoid allows you to add only one questionnaire to a job.

Add the questionnaire to the new job opening by clicking on the drop-down in the Questionnaires section and choose the desired questionnaire.

To add a Questionnaire to an Existing Job Opening,

  1. Click on the desired job opening on the Jobs List page. This will take you to the Job Details page

  2. On the Job Details page, go to the Questionnaires section

  3. Click on (+) Add. Select the desired questionnaire from the drop-down on the Add Questionnaire window

  4. Click on Save button

The candidate will view the questions from the questionnaire on the Candidate Application form when applying for that particular job.

You can read the candidate's answers on his profile on Jobsoid. The answers will be present on the left-hand side, right under the Candidate's contact information.

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