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Managing Organization Attributes
Managing Organization Attributes

Learn how to add custom fields on Organizations.

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Organizations are the contact details of the companies you are or were working with. You can save some other information in addition to the existing details with the help of organization attributes.

To add organization attributes,

  1. Click on Organization Attributes tab in Contacts and Organization section under the Customize section on the Settings page 

  2. Click on the (+) New button on the top right corner. This will open a Create Custom Field page

  3. Select the field type from the Field Type drop-down 

  4. Set the Required toggle to ON if you want to make this field a mandatory one 

  5. Enter the name of the attribute in the Name text box 

  6. Set the Visible toggle to ON if you want this field to be displayed in the Create Contact form

  7. Click on Save button and save the attribute

Jobsoid allows you to edit and delete these custom fields as and when required. Click on Edit and Delete icons on the Custom Fields list page to do so.

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