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Create a candidate profile manually
Create a candidate profile manually

Learn how to create a candidate profile manually in Jobsoid.

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You can create candidate profiles manually by filling in the candidate details in addition to receiving them from online sources and importing the resumes. You will be required to fill in a simple form.

To create a candidate manually

1. Click on Candidates on the navigation bar  

2. On the Candidates List page, click on (+) New button. This will open New Candidate form  

3. Start by assigning a job to the Candidate whose profile you are creating. Choose an appropriate job opening from the drop-down list. You may choose not to assign any job to the candidate if required  

4. Enter the details such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile and Address in the given text boxes

5. Choose the source from the Candidate Source drop-down. You can add your custom Hiring Sources from the Settings   

6. Enter the candidate’s educational qualifications in the Education section. Add his work experience in the Experience section 

7. If you have the candidate’s resume or some work samples or some other documents, you can add them as attachments on to his profile

8. Enter the links to the candidate’s social networks in the Social section 

9. Enter the details of the languages known by the candidate and how proficient he is with them in the Language section

10. Enter the names of the references in the Reference section. You can get in touch with the references via email and capture their feedback online

11. Click on Save button once you have filled in all the details

The candidate profile will be created and presented to you.

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