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Managing Candidate Skills
Managing Candidate Skills

Learn how to manage candidate skills. These skills allow candidates to rate themselves on certain criteria at the time of job application.

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With Jobsoid, you can let your candidates rate themselves on certain skills at the time of job application. It will help you know your candidate skills better. In addition to this, it will also help you in filtering the candidate applications.

To add skills,

1. Go to the Candidates section in the Settings page  

2. Click on Skills  

3. Click on (+) New button on the top right corner, just below the navigation bar. A text box will appear under the Name column on the Tags page  

4. Enter the Skill Name in the text box

5. Select True from the drop-down if you wish to display the skill on your careers portal    

6. To save, click on the tick icon  

Jobsoid allows you to create multiple skills at a time. You can add any number of skills on a careers portal. There is no limit on the same.

You can also edit or delete a skill which has been created by you at any time. Just click on the Edit icon next to the skill name on the Skills page. To delete a skill, click on the Delete icon.

This feature is available on PRO PLAN or higher. To enable this feature on your account, contact support on [email protected]

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