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Requirements for sponsoring jobs on Indeed Sponsored Listings
Requirements for sponsoring jobs on Indeed Sponsored Listings

Learn how to promote jobs on Indeed Sponsored Listings and receive maximum visibility for your jobs.

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Jobsoid allows you to sponsor your job openings very easily on Indeed. Our integration with Indeed Sponsored Listings allows you to promote your jobs directly from your Jobsoid account. You do not have to log in to your Indeed account externally for sponsoring your jobs anymore.

The following are the key requirements for sponsoring your jobs -

1. You must have an Indeed account with the correct billing information
2. If you do not have an Indeed account or you haven't set up your billing details, you will receive an email from Indeed about the same. You will be required to complete your account setup.

3. No job will be sponsored until the account set up is complete. This includes setting up billing information as well. You can set up your billing details by visiting this link -

You can check and manage your paid campaigns and your billing account by visiting your Indeed Dashboard and Indeed Billing respectively.

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