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Requirements for Publishing on Partner Job Boards
Requirements for Publishing on Partner Job Boards

Learn the various terms stated by our partner job boards in order to receive maximum visibility for your jobs.

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Jobsoid allows you to easily publish your job openings on multiple job boards at once. This is made possible with our partnership with job boards and integrations we have built to simplify this process.

However, each of these partner job boards require us to adhere to certain requirements for publishing jobs with them. This helps ensure that we are publishing legitimate job postings and also help the job to perform better.

Company Details

  • You need to have a working company website, which clearly states the contact information as specified in your account. Your company name must also match the company name specified in your account.

  • Your Email address should match the domain of your company website. For eg: if your website is, your email address should be [email protected]

Job Title

  • Use common names for job titles. This will ensure that your job will get maximum exposure

  • Do not include information like Location, Salary or marketing keywords like "High Salary", "Hiring immediately" etc., in the job title. This may be considered as spam and get rejected by our partner job boards.

Job Location

  • You should be hiring for a single location with each job posting. Multi location jobs will be immediately rejected. Don't forget to specify the exact City, State and Country for the Job location.

Job Description

  • Do not leave your Job description empty. You must enter a proper description of your job which includes the Roles & Responsibilities you expect from candidates, the Requirements (Educational / Experience Etc.) of the Job opening and any Benefits offered on the job.

  • Try to have a complete job description which should be at least 200 words in length.

  • Do not include additional contact information like Email Address or Phone Number in the job description, or provide any other method of applying to this job. All candidates need to apply using the Jobsoid apply form, which you can customize.

Verification Process -
It may take up to 24 hours for your Job opening to be listed on all Job boards as your Job opening will be queued for manual verification by our Review Team who will ensure that your job posting meets the requirements of our partner job boards and that you are hiring for a real job in a real organization. In case your Job is disapproved, you will be notified via email. You may then need to make the necessary changes and attempt to publish the Job again.

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