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Sending Questionnaires to Candidates
Sending Questionnaires to Candidates

Learn how to send questionnaires to your candidates directly from their profiles in Jobsoid.

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Jobsoid allows you to capture your candidate's responses to job-specific questions with the help of questionnaires. You can attach a questionnaire to a job opening and capture their responses at the time of job application or you can send it to them at a later point in time.

You can then view their responses directly on their profiles.

To send questionnaire to candidates,
1. Click on Candidates on the top navigation bar

2. On the Candidates list page, go to the desired candidate profile

3. Go to Questionnaires section on the candidate profile and click on (+) Add. This will open Add Questionnaire window

4. Select the desired questionnaire from Select Questionnaire drop down. You will be able to view all the questions belonging to the selected template for your reference

5. Click on Send  button to send out the questionnaire to your candidates

6. You can also send the questionnaire at a later time by scheduling the same. Click on the clock icon and select the desired time from the available options. You can customize this time as well

You can also create a questionnaire by clicking on (+) New Questionnaire. Refer this article to know how to create a new questionnaire.

The candidates will receive an email asking them to complete the questionnaire. 

The candidate responses will be accessible for evaluation on their respective profiles in Jobsoid.

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