Jobsoid now allows you to display your company logos or additional images on the job description page on your careers portal. This feature will help you showcase your company pictures, office environment, etc., and help you in delivering a good candidate experience. It will also help you boost your employer branding.

To learn how to display images on the jobs page, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Display Images on New Job Opening.

  • Click on +New on the Job List page to create a new job

  • Fill in the required details about the job such as the Job Title, Description, Location, and other details in the Job Openings section

  • Now, move to the Additional Info section and fill in the desired details in Custom Attributes and Attachments section respectively

  • You will be able to see Display Images section right under the Attachments section

  • Click on +Add Images button to upload the images you wish to display on the Job Details page on the careers portal

  • You can choose to upload any number of images you wish. By default, the images will be visible to everyone namely Portal, Admin, Managers, and Users

  • To change the visibility permissions, click on the Lock icon and unselect the desired role

  • Follow the remaining steps and publish your job opening. You can refer to this help article to understand Posting a job better.

You can display images on existing jobs as well. There are two ways you can achieve this.

2. Edit the existing job opening

  • On the job details page, click on the Edit button on the action bar

  • Now, click on the Additional Info section on the left-hand side of your screen and go to the Display Images section

  • Upload the desired images by clicking on the +Add Images button

  • Set the visibility permissions for the images, if required

  • To save your changes, click on Save & Close button

3. Upload the images directly on the Job Details page

Jobsoid also gives you the flexibility to upload your images directly on the Job Details page.

  • Click on the desired job opening on the Jobs List Page. You will be able to see the job details page

  • Now, go to the Display Images section. It is present right below the Attachments section on the left-hand side of the screen

  • Click on the +Add button to upload your images

  • The images will be uploaded to your job in real-time

Here is a screenshot of how your images would appear on your portal.

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