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Managing your Organizations Departments
Managing your Organizations Departments

Learn how to create and manage the departments to which your job roles would belong.

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Let your prospective candidates know what department they would be working in your company if selected.

From a hiring team’s perspective, the main function of Departments is for easy filtering. You can filter the jobs you create based on the department under which they fall on the Jobs list page in the Jobsoid application as well as on your careers portal.

To add a Department

1. Go to Customize section on the Settings page. Now, click on Job Openings

2. Click on Departments tab

3. Click on Create New Department button. This will open Add New Department form right below the button

4. Enter the Department name in the Name text box

5. To save, click on Save button

Jobsoid has two quick access buttons to edit and delete for easy modification and deletion of Departments.

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